What is wrong today?


More people, more energy

The world consumption of energy is increasing. The demand for energy and energy resources also shows an increasing trend. With the development of – currently – low energy usage regions in the world, the future demand for energy in any form will increase even further. Projections even till the next century show a steep rise in the demand for energy. This is an expectation illustrated by many studies and researches. It is a simple calculation and logical fact known to everybody. Where people live, where people work, people need energy: more people, more energy.

Another fact is that traditional energy sources incline. For the future the world will need to find different solutions for the production of energy. Organizations all over the world try to find an answer to meet the rising demand of energy. Their objective is to find (durable) energy sources that could fill in the growing gap in availability of traditional resources, such as oil, gas, wood and coal. Technological advance has shown various intelligent solutions, such as various methods for hydro energy and solar energy production. New energy  solutions are efficiently designed with respect for climate, nature and people. Will these solutions meet future demand? We don’t know, who can answer that.

How does the Sahara Canal fit in this picture?

As stated before the answer to meet the global increase in demand for energy is a difficult matter and will require continuant research and development. For the Sahara region projects have been developed to create zones to generate solar energy. An intelligent development to make good usage of an available resource. The Sahara Canal is – to be – designed to not interfere with these projects. These projects and the Sahara Canal should be implemented in a way that would create synergy between the two, to make them complementary to increase production efficiency. The Sahara Canal should create more possibilities for energy production. In other words to create an area where effective and efficient energy production will contribute to meet future energy demand.

EnergyHardly any energy production  in the  Sahara region

The availability of a water resource in the Sahara region should open possibilities for energy production. The proposition is to see the Sahara Canal itself as a production source of hydro energy. Theoretically it would be possible to create diversions or short sideways from the main waterway to feed hydro energy plants. The availability of space makes it possible to implement an almost unlimited number of power stations. The possibilities for this industry could potentially generate a large demand for jobs in energy production. The production of  energy would enable the host countries to sell and export a possible surplus of energy to other regions in the world.

Hydro Energy

Hydro energy is considered as an alternative energy source to traditional sources. The production of hydro energy requires a steady flow of water. It is considered a green source of energy. Therefore it makes sense and follows the trend to invest in possibilities for the production of hydro energy.

Hydro Electric PowerConcept of Hydro Energy Generation

The projection of hydro energy production in the future is illustrated in the graph. This forecast is without the possibilities of the Sahara Canal. The Sahara Canal would positively contribute to the availability of green energy sources.


To summarize the Sahara Canal does not pretend to solve future energy demand. The projections and propositions made will need research. However the implementation of the Sahara Canal would create possibilities for synergy with other energy projects in the region. The Sahara Canal would create possibilities for the production of hydro energy. The production of energy would create jobs in the energy industry and potentially create energy as an export product. Hydro energy would become a source of income for the host countries. The possibilities for energy production as a result of the implementation of the Sahara Canal would positively contribute to the world energy demand and local economies.