The Sahara desert – present day

The Sahara region – today – is a big expanding sandbox. Its purpose is, well what is its purpose? In what way do the Sahara countries benefit from this desert? Living creatures move south, food production diminishes, flora changes, cattle dies out, rivers, lakes and streams have dried up or are drying up…in short this region in its current state does not contribute to a healthy and prosperous form of live, nor to the needs of the world today.

Can we afford the Sahara Desert?

Of course one can name benefits of the Sahara desert, of course species of wildlife can be found. The strong survivors will find a way. Is this what we need? Is this what we want?

Since our first awareness of the Sahara desert and problems in surrounding countries we have seen people starving, people in trouble, people without homes, work, sanitation, but most of all people without water! Therefore maybe the question should be: can we afford to keep this big expanding sandbox?

In this time and age of global growth, economic welfare and ever expanding markets, can we afford to leave a large sandbox as it is? Can we afford that this region needs constant funding for survival? No, this region needs attention, this region needs a positive impulse, an impulse of tremendous proportion. This world needs positive usage of itself, of its possibilities and resources.

Global Participation

In history we see that water is the key to life and modernly speaking the key to economic and global participation. The Sahara desert represents a huge possibility. A possibility first for this region to become an global economic partner. This region hosts unused terrain that should be put to good use. With the Sahara Canal this region can become an important player in food and energy production, as a production area and as a region contributing to world welfare. This region has been deprived of global participation for decades now, it is time we make a change and enable this region to become a global participant!


With the construction of the Sahara Canal and development of the region, basically from day one the region will feel a tremendous injection. People will get jobs, income, food and production facilities. Industries can rise and flourish and the host and surrounding countries can boost their development. Needs will evolve for education, export and infrastructure.


In the menu benefit items are listed. Today it is difficult to oversee all benefits. The most important are listed. Contributions are highly appreciated.

These possibilities are what launched the idea of the Sahara Canal or Sahara Canal Project.

More to come.